Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated on Jun 02, 2018
We are using real, aged, phone verified Google accounts, and posting with local IP. By using our trusted Google accounts, the reviews that we post are seen as authentic customer reviews. ALL REVIEWS ARE POSTED BY OUR IN-HOUSE TEAM BY HAND. No bot work or software is used during this process.
Local guide account is a Google account with level 4 plus. It has a ‘local guide’ badge on it and getting more authority and trust. You need to mix local guide and regular account so the reviews in your Google business page look natural.
Most of the reviews form the unauthorized websites are like- ‘nice’, ‘awesome’, ‘good’ etc. You are living in the twentieth century and reviews like that seventeenth century! These types of reviews are really not acceptable! A review should contain a reflection of the product or service short description of how is the satisfaction level of the customer. It should be positive and informative enough to influence other new customers to buy from you. Besides, your customers will easily understand that the reviews are fake if you use that kind reviews. A real review from a customer generally contains the suggestion, completions, and quality based information. So, never buy Google reviews from fake websites. They are rather harmful than being useful.
A map page with hundred of just one-word reviews like ‘nice’ or, ‘good’ is really suspicious. If Google suspects the reviews as bought or fake, they will remove them from your page. Again, Google does not allow reviews by using any software or bots. In fact, they are strongly prohibited by Google. Because Google always wants to help its user with the best quality and authentic services. So, if Google suspects your reviews as fake, they will remove them from your page so that the users can have an authentic service.
If you continuously keep buying fake reviews from the uncertified websites, and Google also keeps removing them, at one stage, it may ban your page. So, you should buy Google reviews from an experienced and trusted the website to ensure the safety of your page.
In the business world, it is very hard to recover the trust again if you lose it from your customers. You are buying business reviews for acquiring fame, not for losing it. So, be careful while you are purchasing it. Because you will never want to purchase for a bad quality service.
If you are doing business at Newyork, but most of your reviews are from Africa, then it is really not believable. Again, if you have a coffee shop but most of the reviews are about the fame of your cloth products, then it is also not acceptable. So, buy Google place reviews from trusted websites.
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